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Removing cosmetic skin lesions is becoming increasingly common as we all aspire to be attractive and stay youthful as we age. With the CryoPen, accuracy to the millimeter is achieved simply by pointing the micro-fine jet of cryogen towards the lesion. Healthy tissue can be avoided. Rapid, stressless,precise applications will promote a better quality of care.

"CryoPen instruments have added to our efficiency. Treatment of actinic keratosis, solar lentigo, seborrheic keratosis, viral warts, molluscum contagiosum, skin tags, condyloma accuminate, dermatofibroma etc. fit easily into our office schedule. We are impressed by the instrument's ease of use and by the positive reactions of our patients".  Dr. Robert Barot. Paris, France

Here's how the CryoPen instruments can benefit you

The CryoPen's accuracy (to the millimeter) is achieved by pointing the micro-fine jet of cryogen directly towards the lesion. Only minor discomfort is experienced because treatment of healthy tissue is easily avoided. As a result, your patients will now allow you to treat them longer, allowing for deeper freezing and thus a more effective treatment. Time consuming repeat visits will be reduced dramatically.


  • greater freezing power at -89°C. Canister type alternatives are only -55°C
  • facilitates speed of freezing essential for effective treatment
  • high pressure cryogen jet for deeper penetration
  • innovative concept for easy integration in daily practice
  • only lesions are treated regardless of shape or size

The combination of efficiency and practicality are unique features related to the CryoPen instruments which have been called the most important innovation in cryosurgery in the last decade.

With the affordable CryoPen you will provide better treatment. You also will benefit from the disposable cartridges with a long shelf life, very low operational cost and no maintenance. The combination of quality treatment, better service and practicality will encourage you to treat more patients.


  • CryoPen facilitates rapid, easy and very effective treatment
  • It treats lesions that would have formally been referred
  • Excellent with adults and particularly with children
  • No preparation or follow-up care necessary
  • Patient referrals will regularly increase
  • Great potential for practice marketing


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